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ANDREW - "I have never had such a dedicated hairdresser, nor looked this good".

AMELIA - "[...] The salon has a relaxed vibe and doesn't make u feel uncomfortable like other salons.


Eva is honest in her approach and always willing to help you find the perfect style."

MIGUEL - I give it 5 stars because google doesn't allow me to give it more! They always get it right!

SUSAN - "[...] She's clever about the colour of my hair and about the grey, which I love by the way!


PIP - "[...] it's a very different approach to your usual high street salon. [...] Definitely worth a go".

TASHI - "[...] I had a vague idea of a style I wanted for a wedding and she straight away knew what I wanted, knew how to make it suit me, made my hair look amazing and I spent the night getting compliments for it.The salon itself has a great fit out, big comfy chairs and a few of my favourite Aussie magazines too!".

SEAN - "Eva always shows an empathy to people's anxieties of having their hair cut. She will talk through your hair with you and even make conscious suggestions. She is patient and clearly very talented. Moreover she is a really lovely person, who you can have intelligent discussions with, but equally she will leave you to enjoy your cut in silence if that's what you wish".


118 Railton Rd 

SE24 0JX  



+44 (0) 7934 586863



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